Saturday, November 27, 2010

Being an old duck with many little ducks , Seven of my owen and added from extended relationships I have had many Thanksgivings. This one at my old age of 79 has been one of the best I ever had. WHY? well, it is because it was a gathering of my family, some that had been lost for many years due to the normal mixed family problems that a lot of us know. Some couldn't be there due to distance of states where we live. That was fixed with a magic telephone call of one of my favorite daughters from the extended family. I couldn't love her more it she were from one of my own births. Love you SO much Betty. You will always have a special place in my heart.
After we all had a grand Thanksgiving dinner some of us ventured out to see the Black Friday sales. Ended up in a thrift show and Demetris spotted a beautiful picture of an owl. I have a front room with my mom's art of Indian work and we decided it would be perfect to add to my Indian pictures done by my mother. After looking up the author Demetris discovered it is a collector item. It was done by Dennis Curry and is of an owl. One of many wildlife pictures. I cleaned it very carefully and hung it on my Indian wall this morning. Demetris, this will be yours again someday when I decide it is time for the long rest. Your name is on the back for you to be the owner again someday. Thanks for this wonderful memory. I Love you. And Thanks to my baby son for making this happy gathering possible at your home. Love you and all the rest of my big family. Thanks for the best Thanksgiving ever.
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